Research in the group is focused on analytical chemistry with specific emphasis in the area of nutrition, disease markers, and mass spectrometric methods. Our area of study is as diverse as the students who take part. Students come from all disciplines of chemistry including analytical, physical, organic, and biological, as well as from other departments including engineering and food science. Our expertise in oligosaccharides and glycosylation of proteins and lipids make our group unique. Our efforts in science are also broad, encompassing instrument construction and development to investigating biological problems. This broad-based approach provides us with unique perspectives that we employ to our specific scientific problems.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Carlito B. Lebrilla
Phone: 530-752-6364 | Fax: 530-754-5609
Address: One Shields Ave | Chemistry Department
2465 Chemistry Annex | Davis, CA 95616
Group Office: 530-752-5504 | 1450 Chem Annex