Location – Baltimore, MD

Dates – June 14-19th

Short Course

Glycans and Glycoproteins in Mass Spectrometry


An Application of Mass Spectrometry for the Detection of Chemical Markers for Product Traceability

Method for analysis of glycan degradation products in the feces of breast-fed newborns

Peptidomics of human milk during lactation and mastitis


A systems approach to protein-specific glycosylation analyses of serum glycoproteins for cancer diagnosis.

Absolute Quantitation of Human Milk Proteins and their Glycoforms using Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM)

Characterization of glycoengineered biopharmaceuticals

Comprehensive site-specific characterization of glycoproteins using enzymes of varying cleavage specificities

Determination of changes in cell surface glycosylation with cellular transformations

Glycan Site Mapping of Glycoproteins in Serum

Monitoring Responses of Antibody Glycosylation to HIV Infection

Rapid Assays of Bacteria Binding to Oligosaccharides

Stability Analysis of Oligosaccharides