Location – Minneapolis, MN

Dates – June 8-13th


Short Course

Mass Spectrometry of Glycans and Glycoproteins


Validation of a glycan biomarker set for the detection of ovarian cancer using mass spectrometry

Determining and monitoring with quantitation the site-specific glycosylation of proteins in serum

Development of a Fully Characterized N-Glycan Library from Human Serum with Structures and Relative Abundances 

Cell Membrane Glycan Profiling Differentiates Cancer Cell Origin and Molecular Subtype

EnzymePredictor: A Tool for Predicting and Visualizing Enzymatic Cleavages of Digested Proteins


Rapid Throughput Extraction of Human Milk Oligosaccharides to Allow Studies on Larger Cohorts

Extensive identification and quantitation of milk endogenous peptides by mass spectrometry

Gastric cancer detection by serum glycan signatures

 Glycomic Profiling and IgG Quantification of HIV-Infected Plasma

Comparison of Trypsin and Nonspecific Digestions for Site Specific Characterization of Protein Glycans Utilizing New Software for Automated Matching and Scoring

Mass Spectrometry Based Glycan Arrays for Determining Specificity of Glycosidases in Bacteria

Determination of Extensive Glycosylation on Glycoproteins and Glycolipids in High-density Lipoprotein 

Digestomics of human milk proteins in term and premature infants