Mass Spectrometry of Glycans and Glycoproteins
Jon Amster (Universty of Georgia), Carlito Lebrilla (University of California, Davis), Ron Orlando (University of Georgia), Joe Zaia (Boston University)
This course is designed for scientists who want to learn specific techniques for the MS and MS/MS characterization of glycans and glycoproteins. The course will address fundamental aspects of glycobiology, sample preparation and handling, mass spectrometry (hardware and software), and bioinformatic tools for interpretation of results. Real-world examples of the application of these techniques will include characterization of intact glycoproteins, characterization of released glycans, analysis of complex mixtures of glycoproteins and glycans. The role of MS-based methods in interdisciplinary efforts to solve these complex problems will also be addressed. Problem sets will be used to emphasize practical aspects of glycoprotein, glycans characterization, glycosylation site identification, and the application of MS techniques to a variety of circumstances commonly encountered in the lab.