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1999 Publications

Cancilla, M.T., A.W. Wong, L.R. Voss, and C.B. Lebrilla, Fragmentation reactions in the mass spectrometry analysis of neutral oligosaccharides.. Anal Chem, 1999. 71(15): p. 3206-18.

Nicholas, G.M., T.W. Hong, T.F. Molinski, M.L. Lerch, M.T. Cancilla, and C.B. Lebrilla, Oceanapiside, an antifungal bis-alpha,omega-amino alcohol glycoside from the marine sponge Oceanapia phillipensis.. J Nat Prod, 1999. 62(12): p. 1678-81.

Tseng, K., J.L. Hedrick, and C.B. Lebrilla, Catalog-library approach for the rapid and sensitive structural elucidation of oligosaccharides.. Anal Chem, 1999. 71(17): p. 3747-54.

Wang, H., K. Tseng, and C.B. Lebrilla, A general method for producing bioaffinity MALDI probes., 1999. 71(10): p. 2014-20.

Wong, A.W., M.T. Cancilla, L.R. Voss, and C.B. Lebrilla, Anion dopant for oligosaccharides in matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry.. Anal Chem, 1999. 71(1): p. 205-11.

2001 Publications

Ahn, S., J. Ramirez, G. Grigorean, and C.B. Lebrilla, Chiral recognition in gas-phase cyclodextrin- amino acid complexes–is the three point interaction still valid in the gas phase? J Am Soc Mass Spectrom, 2001. 12(3): p. 278-87.

Franz, A.H., T.F. Molinski, and C.B. Lebrilla, MALDI-FTMS characterization of oligosaccharides labeled with 9-aminofluorene.. J Am Soc Mass Spectrom, 2001. 12(12): p. 1254-61.

Grigorean, G. and C.B. Lebrilla, Enantiomeric analysis of pharmaceutical compounds by ion molecule reactions.. Anal Chem, 2001. 73(8): p. 1684-91.

Lebrilla, C.B., The gas-phase chemistry of cyclodextrin inclusion complexes.. Acc Chem Res, 2001. 34(8): p. 653-61.

Liu, J., K. Tseng, B. Garcia, C.B. Lebrilla, E. Mukerjee, S. Collins, and R. Smith, Electrophoresis separation in open microchannels. A method for coupling electrophoresis with MALDI-MS.. Anal Chem, 2001. 73(9): p. 2147-51.

Tseng, K., H. Wang, C.B. Lebrilla, B. Bonnell, and J. Hedrick, Identification and structural elucidation of lectin-binding oligosaccharides by bioaffinity matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization Fourier transform mass spectrometry.. Anal Chem, 2001. 73(15): p. 3556-61.

Tseng, K., Y. Xie, J. Seeley, J.L. Hedrick, and C.B. Lebrilla, Profiling with structural elucidation of the neutral and anionic O-linked oligosaccharides in the egg jelly coat of Xenopus laevis by Fourier transform mass spectrometry.. Glycoconj J, 2001. 18(4): p. 309-20.

Xie, Y., K. Tseng, C.B. Lebrilla, and J.L. Hedrick, Targeted Use of Exoglycosidase Digestion for structural elucidation of neutral o-linked oligosacchardies. J Am Soc Mass Spectrom, 2001. 12(8): p. 877-84.

2003 Publications

An, H.J., A.H. Franz, and C.B. Lebrilla, Improved capillary electrophoretic separation and mass spectrometric detection of oligosaccharides. J Chromatogr A, 2003. 1004(1-2): p. 121-9.

An, H.J., T.R. Peavy, J.L. Hedrick, and C.B. Lebrilla, Determination of N-Glycosylation Sites and Site Heterogeneity in Glycoproteins. Anal Chem, 2003. 75(20): p. 5628-37.

Franz, A.H., R. Liu, A. Song, K.S. Lam, and C.B. Lebrilla, High-Throughput One-Bead-One-Compound Approach to Peptide-Encoded Combinatorial Libraries- MALDI-MS Analysis of Single TentaGel Beads. J Comb Chem, 2003. 5(2): p. 125-37.

Song, A., J. Zhang, C.B. Lebrilla, and K.S. Lam, A Novel and Rapid Encoding Method Based on Mass Spec for ‘One-bead’one’compound’ small molecule combinatorial libraries. J Am Chem Soc, 2003. 125(20): p. 6180-8.

Steele, P.T., H.J. Tobias, D.P. Fergenson, M.E. Pitesky, J.M. Horn, G.A. Czerwieniec, S.C. Russell, C.B. Lebrilla, E.E. Gard, and M. Frank, Laser power dependence of mass spectral signatures from individual bacterial spores in bioaerosol mass spectrometry.. Anal Chem, 2003. 75(20): p. 5480-7.

Vrkic, A.K., R.A. O’Hair, and C.B. Lebrilla, Unusual covalent bond-breaking reactions of beta-cyclodextrin inclusion complexes of nucleobases/nucleosides and related guest molecules. Eur J Mass Spectrom (Chichester, Eng), 2003. 9(6): p. 563-77.

Xie, Y. and C.B. Lebrilla, Infrared Multiphoton Dissociation of Alkali Metal-coordinated oligos. Anal Chem, 2003. 75(7): p. 1590-8.

Xie, Y., K.M. Schubothe, and C.B. Lebrilla, Infrared Laser Isolation of Ions in Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometry. Anal Chem, 2003. 75(1): p. 160-4.

2004 Publications

Fergenson, D.P., M.E. Pitesky, H.J. Tobias, P.T. Steele, G.A. Czerwieniec, S.C. Russell, C.B. Lebrilla, J.M. Horn, K.R. Coffee, A. Srivastava, S.P. Pillai, M.T. Shih, H.L. Hall, A.J. Ramponi, J.T. Chang, R.G. Langlois, P.L. Estacio, R.T. Hadley, M. Frank, and E.E. Gard, Reagentless detection and classification of individual bioaerosol particles in seconds.. Anal Chem, 2004. 76(2): p. 373-8.

Hwang, S.H., A. Lehman, X. Cong, M.M. Olmstead, K.S. Lam, C.B. Lebrilla, and M.J. Kurth, OBOC small-molecule combinatorial library encoded by halogenated mass-tags.. Org Lett, 2004. 6(21): p. 3829-32.

Song, A., X. Wang, J. Zhang, J. Marik, C.B. Lebrilla, and K.S. Lam, Synthesis of hydrophilic and flexible linkers for peptide derivatization in solid phase.. Bioorg Med Chem Lett, 2004. 14(1): p. 161-5.

Song, A., J. Zhang, C.B. Lebrilla, and K.S. Lam, Solid-Phase Synthesis and Spectral Properties of 2-Alkylthio-6H-pyrano[2,3-f]benzimidazole-6-ones A Combinatorial Approach for 2-Alkylthioimidazocoumarins. J Comb Chem, 2004. 6(4): p. 604-10.

Wang, X., J. Zhang, A. Song, C.B. Lebrilla, and K.S. Lam, Encoding Method for OBOC Small Molecule Libraries Using a biphasic approcach for ladder-synthesis of coding tags. J Am Chem Soc, 2004. 126(18): p. 5740-9.

Xie, Y., J. Liu, J. Zhang, J.L. Hedrick, and C.B. Lebrilla, Method for the Comparative Glycomic Analyses of o-linked, mucin-type oligos. Anal Chem, 2004. 76(17): p. 5186-97.

Zhang, J., L.L. Lindsay, J.L. Hedrick, and C.B. Lebrilla, Strategy for profiling and structure elucidation of mucin-type oligosaccharides by mass spectrometry.. Anal Chem, 2004. 76(20): p. 5990-6001.

Zhang, J., Y. Xie, J.L. Hedrick, and C.B. Lebrilla, Profiling the morphological distribution of O-linked oligosaccharides. Anal Biochem, 2004. 334(1): p. 20-35.

2005 Publications

Ahn, S., X. Cong, C.B. Lebrilla, and S. Gronert, Zwitterion formation in gas-phase cyclodextrin complexes. J Am Soc Mass Spectrom, 2005. 16(2): p. 166-75.

An, H.J., S. Lurie, L.C. Greve, D. Rosenquist, C. Kirmiz, J.M. Labavitch, and C.B. Lebrilla, Determination of pathogen-related enzyme action by mass spectrometry analysis of pectin breakdown products of plant cell walls.. Anal Biochem, 2005. 338(1): p. 71-82.

An, H.J., M. Ninonuevo, J. Aguilan, H. Liu, C.B. Lebrilla, L.S. Alvarenga, and M.J. Mannis, Glycomics Analyses of Tear Fluid for the Diagnostic Detection of Ocular Rosacea. J Proteome Res, 2005. 4(6): p. 1981-7.

Czerwieniec, G.A., S.C. Russell, C.B. Lebrilla, K.R. Coffee, V. Riot, P.T. Steele, M. Frank, and E.E. Gard, Improved sensitivity and mass range in time-of-flight bioaerosol mass spectrometry using an electrostatic ion guide.. J Am Soc Mass Spectrom, 2005. 16(11): p. 1866-75.

Czerwieniec, G.A., S.C. Russell, H.J. Tobias, M.E. Pitesky, D.P. Fergenson, P. Steele, A. Srivastava, J.M. Horn, M. Frank, E.E. Gard, and C.B. Lebrilla, Stable isotope labeling of entire Bacillus atrophaeus spores and vegetative cells using bioaerosol mass spectrometry.. Anal Chem, 2005. 77(4): p. 1081-7.

Park, Y. and C.B. Lebrilla, Application of Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry to oligosaccharides.. Mass Spectrom Rev, 2005. 24(2): p. 232-64.

Srivastava, A., M.E. Pitesky, P.T. Steele, H.J. Tobias, D.P. Fergenson, J.M. Horn, S.C. Russell, G.A. Czerwieniec, C.B. Lebrilla, E.E. Gard, and M. Frank, Comprehensive assignment of mass spectral signatures from individual Bacillus atrophaeus spores in matrix-free laser desorption ionization bioaerosol mass spectrometry. Anal Chem, 2005. 77(10): p. 3315-23.

Ying, L., R. Liu, J. Zhang, K. Lam, C.B. Lebrilla, and J. Gervay-Hague, A topologically segregated one-bead-one-compound combinatorial glycopeptide library for identification of lectin ligands.. J Comb Chem, 2005. 7(3): p. 372-84.

Zhang, J., L. Lamotte, E.D. Dodds, and C.B. Lebrilla, Atmospheric pressure MALDI Fourier transform mass spectrometry of labile oligosaccharides.. Anal Chem, 2005. 77(14): p. 4429-38.

Zhang, J., K. Schubothe, B. Li, S. Russell, and C.B. Lebrilla, Infrared multiphoton dissociation of O-linked mucin-type oligosaccharides. Anal Chem, 2005. 77(1): p. 208-14.

2006 Publications

Aguilan, J.T., F.M. Dayrit, J. Zhang, M.R. Ninonuevo, and C.B. Lebrilla, Structural analysis of kappa-carrageenan [corrected] sulfated oligosaccharides by positive mode nano-ESI-FTICR-MS and MS-MS by SORI-CID. J Am Soc Mass Spectrom, 2006. 17(1): p. 96-103.

An, H.J., S. Miyamoto, K.S. Lancaster, C. Kirmiz, B. Li, K.S. Lam, G.S. Leiserowitz, and C.B. Lebrilla, Profiling of Glycans in Serum for the Discovery of Potential biomarkers for ovarian cancer. J Proteome Res, 2006. 5(7): p. 1626-35.

An, H.J., J.S. Tillinghast, D.L. Woodruff, D.M. Rocke, and C.B. Lebrilla,A new computer program (GlycoX) to determine simultaneously the glycosylation sites and oligosaccharide heterogeneity of glycoproteins.. J Proteome Res, 2006. 5(10): p. 2800-8.

Barber, S.M., P.J. Costanzo, N.W. Moore, T.E. Patten, K.S. Lancaster, C.B. Lebrilla, and T.L. Kuhl, Bilateral, difunctional nanosphere aggregates and their assembly mediated by polymer chains. J Phys Chem A, 2006. 110(13): p. 4538-42.

Cong, X., G. Czerwieniec, E. McJimpsey, S. Ahn, F.A. Troy, and C.B. Lebrilla, Structural relationships in small molecule interactions governing gas-phase enantioselectivity and zwitterionic formation.. J Am Soc Mass Spectrom, 2006. 17(3): p. 442-52.

Dodds, E.D., H.J. An, P.J. Hagerman, and C.B. Lebrilla, Enhanced peptide mass fingerprinting through high mass accuracy- Exclusion of non-peptide signals based on residual mass.. J Proteome Res, 2006. 5(5): p. 1195-203.

Dodds, E.D., P.J. Hagerman, and C.B. Lebrilla, Fragmentation of singly protonated peptides via a combination of infrared and collisional activation.. Anal Chem, 2006. 78(24): p. 8506-11.

Goldberg, D., M. Bern, B. Li, and C.B. Lebrilla, Automatic determination of O-glycan structure from fragmentation spectra.. J Proteome Res, 2006. 5(6): p. 1429-34.

Iwahashi, C.K., D.H. Yasui, H.J. An, C.M. Greco, F. Tassone, K. Nannen, B. Babineau, C.B. Lebrilla, R.J. Hagerman, and P.J. Hagerman, Protein composition of the intranuclear inclusions of FXTAS.. Brain, 2006. 129(Pt 1): p. 256-71.

Lancaster, K.S., H.J. An, B. Li, and C.B. Lebrilla, Interrogation of N-Linked Oligosaccharides Using infrared multiphoton dissociation in FT-ICR Mass Spec. Anal Chem, 2006. 78(14): p. 4990-7.

Lee, S., N.L. Young, P.A. Whetstone, S.M. Cheal, W.H. Benner, C.B. Lebrilla, and C.F. Meares, Method to site-specifically identify and quantitate carbonyl end products of protein oxidation using oxidation-dependent element coded affinity tags O-ECAT and nanoliquid chromatography…. J Proteome Res, 2006. 5(3): p. 539-47.

Ninonuevo, M.R., Y. Park, H. Yin, J. Zhang, R.E. Ward, B.H. Clowers, J.B. German, S.L. Freeman, K. Killeen, R. Grimm, and C.B. Lebrilla, A strategy for annotating the human milk glycome. J Agric Food Chem, 2006. 54(20): p. 7471-80.

Ward, R.E., M. Ninonuevo, D.A. Mills, C.B. Lebrilla, and J.B. German, In vitro fermentation of breast milk oligosaccharides by Bifidobacterium infantis and Lactobacillus gasseri.. Appl Environ Microbiol, 2006. 72(6): p. 4497-9.

2007 Publications

Clowers, B.H., E.D. Dodds, R.R. Seipert, and C.B. Lebrilla, Site determination of protein glycosylation based on digestion with immobilized nonspecific proteases and Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry. J Proteome Res, 2007. 6(10): p. 4032-40.

Cooke, C.L., H.J. An, J. Kim, J.V. Solnick, and C.B. Lebrilla, Method for profiling mucin oligosaccharides from gastric biopsies of rhesus monkeys with and without Helicobacter pylori infection. Anal Chem, 2007. 79(21): p. 8090-7.

Dodds, E.D., J.B. German, and C.B. Lebrilla, Enabling MALDI-FTICR-MSMS for high-performance proteomics through combination of infrared and collisional activation. Anal Chem, 2007. 79(24): p. 9547-56.

Kirmiz, C., B. Li, H.J. An, B.H. Clowers, H.K. Chew, K.S. Lam, A. Ferrige, R. Alecio, A.D. Borowsky, S. Sulaimon, C.B. Lebrilla, and S. Miyamoto,A Serum Glycomics Approach to Breast Cancer Biomarkers. Mol Cell Proteomics, 2007. 6(1): p. 43-55.

LoCascio, R.G., M.R. Ninonuevo, S.L. Freeman, D.A. Sela, R. Grimm, C.B. Lebrilla, D.A. Mills, and J.B. German, Glycoprofiling of bifidobacterial consumption of human milk oligosaccharides demonstrates strain specific, preferential consumption of small chain glycans secreted in early human lactation. J Agric Food Chem, 2007. 55(22): p. 8914-9.

Ninonuevo, M.R., R.E. Ward, R.G. LoCascio, J.B. German, S.L. Freeman, M. Barboza, D.A. Mills, and C.B. Lebrilla, Methods for the quantitation of human milk oligosaccharides in bacterial fermentation by mass spectrometry. Anal Biochem, 2007. 361(1): p. 15-23.

Ward, R.E., M. Ninonuevo, D.A. Mills, C.B. Lebrilla, and J.B. German, In vitro fermentability of human milk oligosaccharides by several strains of bifidobacteria Mol Nutr Food Res, 2007. 51(11): p. 1398-405.

Ye, J., H. Liu, C. Kirmiz, C.B. Lebrilla, and D.M. Rocke, On the analysis of glycomics mass spectrometry data via the regularized area under the ROC curve. BMC Bioinformatics, 2007. 8: p. 477.

Young, N.L., M.C. Sisto, M.N. Young, P.G. Grant, D.W. Killilea, L. LaMotte, K.J. Wu, and C.B. Lebrilla, Steady-state asymmetric nanospray dual ion source for accurate mass determination within a chromatographic separation. Anal Chem, 2007. 79(15): p. 5711-8.

2008 Publications

Argov, N., S. Wachsmann-Hogiu, S.L. Freeman, T. Huser, C.B. Lebrilla, and J.B. German, Size-dependent lipid content in human milk fat globules.. J Agric Food Chem, 2008. 56(16): p. 7446-50.

Clowers, B.H., E.D. Dodds, R.R. Seipert, and C.B. Lebrilla, Dual polarity accurate mass calibration for electrospray ionization and matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization mass spec using maltooligosaccharides Anal Biochem, 2008. 381(2): p. 205-13.

Dodds, E.D., B.H. Clowers, P.J. Hagerman, and C.B. Lebrilla, Systematic characterization of high mass accuracy influence on false discovery and probability scoring in peptide mass fingerprinting, 2008. 372(2): p. 156-66.

German, J.B., S.L. Freeman, C.B. Lebrilla, and D.A. Mills, Human milk oligosaccharides- evolution, structures and bioselectivity as substrates for intestinal bacteria. Nestle Nutr Workshop Ser Pediatr Program, 2008. 62: p. 205-18; discussion 218-22.

Li, B., H.J. An, C. Kirmiz, C.B. Lebrilla, K.S. Lam, and S. Miyamoto, Glycoproteomic analyses of ovarian cancer cell lines and sera from ovarian cancer patients show distinct glycosylation changes in individual proteins. J Proteome Res, 2008. 7(9): p. 3776-88.

McJimpsey, E.L., W.M. Jackson, C.B. Lebrilla, H. Tobias, M.J. Bogan, E.E. Gard, M. Frank, and P.T. Steele, Parameters contributing to efficient ion generation in aerosol MALDI mass spectrometry. J Am Soc Mass Spectrom, 2008. 19(3): p. 315-24.

Ninonuevo, M.R., P.D. Perkins, J. Francis, L.M. Lamotte, R.G. LoCascio, S.L. Freeman, D.A. Mills, J.B. German, R. Grimm, and C.B. Lebrilla, Daily variations in oligosaccharides of human milk determined by microfluidic chips and mass spectrometry.. J Agric Food Chem, 2008. 56(2): p. 618-26.

Packer, N.H., C.W. von der Lieth, K.F. Aoki-Kinoshita, C.B. Lebrilla, J.C. Paulson, R. Raman, P. Rudd, R. Sasisekharan, N. Taniguchi, and W.S. York, Frontiers in glycomics- bioinformatics and biomarkers in disease. An NIH white paper prepared from discussions by the focus groups at a workshop on the NIH campus, Bethesda MD, (September 11-13, 2006). Proteomics, 2008. 8(1): p. 8-20.

Seipert, R.R., M. Barboza, M.R. Ninonuevo, R.G. LoCascio, D.A. Mills, S.L. Freeman, J.B. German, and C.B. Lebrilla, Analysis and quantitation of fructooligosaccharides using matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry.. Anal Chem, 2008. 80(1): p. 159-65.

Seipert, R.R., E.D. Dodds, B.H. Clowers, S.M. Beecroft, J.B. German, and C.B. Lebrilla, Factors that influence fragmentation behavior of N-linked glycopeptide ions. Anal Chem, 2008. 80(10): p. 3684-92.

Sela, D.A., J. Chapman, A. Adeuya, J.H. Kim, F. Chen, T.R. Whitehead, A. Lapidus, D.S. Rokhsar, C.B. Lebrilla, J.B. German, N.P. Price, P.M. Richardson, and D.A. Mills, The genome sequence of Bifidobacterium longum subsp. infantis reveals adaptations for milk utilization within the infant microbiome.. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2008. 105(48): p. 18964-9.

Tao, N., E.J. DePeters, S. Freeman, J.B. German, R. Grimm, and C.B. Lebrilla, Bovine milk glycome.. J Dairy Sci, 2008. 91(10): p. 3768-78.

Williams, T.I., D.A. Saggese, K.L. Toups, J.L. Frahm, H.J. An, B. Li, C.B. Lebrilla, and D.C. Muddiman, Investigations with O-linked protein glycosylations by matrix-assisted laser desorption-ionization Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry. J Mass Spectrom, 2008. 43(9): p. 1215-23.

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